PeopleELandEThinking in the present time

GERMANYELANDSSHAFTPARK^Polish the sensitivityI

Environmental Molding Artist/Member of International Association of Art
Born in Nara.'05 Stayed in Dusseldorf for 3 months as the member of overseas training sculptor
of The Japanese Government Overseas Study Programme for artists and also studied about the cities
of Germany and the industrial inheritances.'96 was warded the prize of Director-General of city Bureau
of Construction Ministry for the Environmental sculpturegStone Stagehof oizumi Nakajima Park in Nerima.
Tokyo Metropolitan Women's Counselling Center of The Welfare Station,Tokyo Metropolitan city office.
Katsushikano High School. 5F Prana-Hall of Kitano hospital,Osaka. etc.Majorities such as the monuments
and the relieves in a state in front. The collection of the Museum of Portland University.
'01 IASS. International Association of Shell and Spatial Structures, NAGOYA Extended Abstracts' Cover Design.
CD Design, Congress-Calligraphy-Shoulder Bag Design.
'02 International Winter Road Congress of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Government of Japan
Calligraphy-Shoulder Bag Design & Talk.

This time of last year I stayed in Dusseldorf,Germany for 3 months as the member of Agency for
Cultural Affairs overseas training.The institution was the place of Gunther Uecker who is the
world-famous artist.He retired the professor of Dusseldorf Art Academy already and everyday He
fires away in the long nails of his material energetically and was preparing his Exhibition in Langen
Museum designed by Tadao Ando.Gunther Uecker's atelier along the Rhein river,three stairs of the
firm concrete architecture was not thought about in Japan by that big area and the scene thought
work in the way and I became to be stimulated enough.

In the Lobby of Dusseldorf Federal Congress there is his big work titled "Interferenzen".It's very
strong and wild taste work.They are very proud of this Uecker's work to set in this public space.I myself
in Japan I set my arts in a lot of architectures and parks.As the work of Tokyo Metropolitan office
On the monument "stone stage" made by the new Komatsu-stone of 21t that I set in Nerima prefecture
Oizumi-Nakajima-park by work of Tokyo metropolitan office, many children still play and gather.When I
set the monument I create in the public space,they often ask me their questions not only about the
design but also about the safty. Of cource the safety is very important but in Germany they
regard them as important the safety and art works.The real world itself which causes the war is
povocative really and Gunther Uecker is the depicter who express the way of feeling the sorrows and
the pains by the act of hitting the nails. We can say that the German society understands the meaning of
his art works very well. They respect those nails as the Gunther Uecker's art works the German desplay
very proudly in the lobby of Dusseldorf Federal Congress.

The notable business in Germany is the activation business of an industrial inheritances called
"Landssyaftpark" around the Ruhr industrial area.This zone has ever prospered in coal but was
pushed for oil energy and declined.In the Dusseldorf neighboring they let the citizen use freely
the place of inheritances,the place that became an abandoned mine now, the factory with a blast
furnaces, a very large site of the factory with the figure as is now.They open this place as the
Design Museum.The concert held in these places attract a lot of people too.Here you can see the
children who climb willingly the stairs of emergency staircases of the factory which was abolished
it's the experience every physical circle.How to get true self-responsibilities,not the meaning of
slackerism like in Japan,they are asked routinely since they were young in Germany.The exsistance
of the culture of the mature adults which compensated the crime of Nazi Germany is seen there.I think
we had better follow those examples of Germany a little bit more as interesting things are not done in
Japan because they say too much whether we are dangerous or not.And in Landsshaftparks many
beautiful bridges are built overthe points fantastically. On this cultural business the government
office lays emphasis most now getting collaboration of the artists.

This year Yubari-city of Hokkaido which has the same problems express that they will apply the
Japanese Government for the appointment of the body of financial reconstruction.It's worthless if
we fit the the same idea as in Tokyo for the big Nature.We may have needed to dig it up for thought
the exhistances of the excellent slow lives only we can get here,the hot springs,the firms and the
mines adhere to social nature and physical characters as a human beings.It's too poor in their
ideas to image from the word Pulling in Customers only big amusement park in such times now.It's
better to let the children taking a look of coal mine experience the precious weight of the hammer by
their own body than setting the figures.The plan that fresh sensitivity is not felt will be missed
in the times.
In German Museums I often took a look of exhibitions whose compositions flew over the
times and the genres.It's defferent from the Japanese society which makes much of harmony and
cooperation Germany they let the ripples and unrests occur intentionally,staring at unrests again and
change it into in a driving force to produce new things.The phenomenon of art and the social
phenomenon,though they are the different genres but the time has come already that we must speak
our opinion together.
"Polish sensitivity"the posture coming in contact with foreign cultures without flinching,feeling,
speaking clearly is requested not only for the artists but also for all of the Japanese people.