Ohizumi Nakajima Park in Nerima-ku, Tokyo
eIHIBUTAI/STONE-STAGEf New komatsu stone, 21t 1,400(H) x 4,000(W) x 2,200

WORK OF ART: Landscape Monument
Stone 21 tons, 1996

LOCATION: Ooizumi Nakajima Park: 2-2 Ooizumigakuen-tyo Nerima-prefecture,Tokyo
8 minutes'walk from the Station of Ooizumigakuen(Seibu-Shinjuku-line North exit)


AWARD: Prize of the Director General, City Bureau
Ministry Of Construction Japan, 1996

The monument was set in the green division of a public park located in the middle of a housing
section, planned and constructed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Office.
Children are permitted unrestricted to play unhindered and freely on top of this monument.

Kiyomi Sakagushi selected the heavy solid stone at the seashore of the peninsula Manzuru.
During the working period and until the point of completion the following phrases were set in
her mind: g Between the pillars ? On the threshold ? Inside the holeh

These were the phrases in memories of places feeling comfortable at and after completion
she felt having deep consciousness about time and space.

Playing with bicycle around the "STONE-STAGE"

"STONE-STAGE" and the cihildren

Jumping from "STONE-STAGE"

October'95 Started to draw the line

Transportation by 100t crane,Demak

Saitama-city katayanagi-community center Dec.2005 Completed
eMIENUEMAf@Concrete 2,880(H) x 8,180(W)

Sugamo station square shopping district
in front of UFJ BankeMADAMADAf

In front of FukushimayaeKOREKARAf

Sakaguchi, drilling chisel traces of the image
of petals of Somei-Yoshino-Sakura
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