WORK OF ART: Sculpture
Bronze, 1996

This word gTenh is very difficult to translate from Japanese into English language.
It means rather universe, earth, heaven, sky, or something spiritual.
gTenh is round, isnft. hTenh is the same shape as earth, isnft.
Painters and Sculptors make efforts to express and transfer endless far high extended shapeless
gTenh into visible material.
Shape and - or Form. The fact is, that it is only things formed in mind during final analysis
form of love, of joy, sorrow and the uneasiness of isolation is making visible the minds of
human beings.
gTenh forms the ground shapeh in the mind of Kiyomi Sakagushi. But, never smooth and glossy
and never pure round. Inside it appears as dangerous figure, just before the explosion for
release of the inside irresistible emotion.
Attacking between the mind towards inside and the mind outside each other, rivalry between the
centripetal force and the centrifugal force change the gTenh into the figure of the rare
roughly one.
RECOGNITION: Kiitirou Hayashi
President of the Ikeda 20th Century Museum

Exhibition in Sezon in of Kofukuji-templre 1998

The private exhibition in Nara was held by the ruins of Kofukuji-temple,Sezonin.
That place is like the house of the priest and is surrounded by the Japanese garden.
The green of the garden and the lattice of the shoji were reflected into the floor of Japanese
lacquer. It became with the sense of togetherness of the green, the wind, and the rain.
In the delicate nature light from shoji, you could look at the sculptures in the silhouette.
The concept of this exhibition was completely different from the exhibitions in the gallery.

TEN NO TORSO stainless steel@2,000(H)x2,000(W)x2,000(D)
Sikoh-Gallery/Aoyama,TOKYO 2,000

Although the private exhibition at the Sicoh gallery in South Aoyama,Tokyo counted the
3rd times,We can say the charm of this place is the yard outside coverd with the big
cherry tree. You can look into the blue sky above through the leaves.
I wished to try my installation in this yard. Daido Steel Maker offered the stainless
matirials by 1,760kg. 38,19 rainforced stainless steel bars, 100(W)x2,000(H)flat bars
(W)93.66 stainless rails.

I tryed to make up the space from where we can hear the fresh green fragrance of the cherry
tree. The stainless foot steps shows the various different appearances every day, sometimes
the pictures of dots by the rain. Simple and rich expression is shown.
I combined with the stainless with wood. I tryed to make every interior inside of gallery.

I used the stainless which is the product of the 20th century in the last moment of 20th
century. Human beings are on the way of self-destruction of civilization besides the gorgeous
But I am still alive. As the human being aliving I thought I would like to use those materials
actively. I want what I touch, be alive!
The gloss of the silver-gray metal,it telled something?
The fresh green fragrance of the cherry tree,it reached across to people?
People can look back the words what they start to say?

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